Why is it important to shock your pool water?

Shocking your pool is an important part of regular pool maintenance. Every pool owner or pool cleaning in charge must be familiar with this. Shocking your pool is also known as super chlorinating.

Shocking the pool water is a way to keep it safe and clean by adding three to five times the regular amount of chlorine or any other chemical sanitiser to the pool to raise its chlorine level. This helps to remove ineffective amount of chlorine (combined chlorine), kills bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms, and improves the availability of effective chlorine.

            Most people have a tendency to shock their pool only after it has become cloudy or has visible algae. A person responsible for shocking the pool must know how to do it, when to do it, which chemicals to use, and the best time of the day it should be performed. When your pool is more frequently used, make sure to shock it more often.

              The best time to shock your pool water is when its temperature is high. Bacteria, algae and other unwanted organisms thrive in warm water. Shock your pool when the sun has gone down. This will prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from affecting the effectiveness of chlorine and other chemicals being used.

            Heavy rains may deposit high levels of contaminants in your swimming pool, so you should always shock your pool after heavy rains for safety. The most affected pool chemistry by heavy rains is pH levels. Test your pH levels after heavy rain and adjust accordingly. Keep the alkalinity levels on check by making sure it doesn’t exceed the recommended levels of 80ppm to 120ppm. Make sure your alkalinity is between these levels before adjusting your pH.

            Always use good quality chlorine shock. Poor quality chlorine shock may result in scum or foam inside the pool. Find your desired pool shock and other materials such as pool cleaners, spare parts, toys and much more at Aquaneo Pool Store, we deliver all over Australia.

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