Pool sand filters are one of the most commonly used pool filters. We work with the best sand filter brands in the market for the best of your pool. Our customer satisfaction proves that only the greatest and most reliable brands are available for our customers, such as Hayward, Aussie Gold, Waterco, and others. A good sand filter should have an adequate flow rate, easy maintainment system, and durability. We also stock various swimming pool sand filter accessories and spare parts, all at affordable prices.

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Pool Sand Filters

What Is a Pool Sand Filter?

Pool sand filters are an excellent choice for keeping pool water crystal-clear and free from contaminants. Utilizing special filter sand, these filters trap debris and dirt particles as water passes through the sand bed. A pool sand filter is a reliable and economical choice for pool owners, especially for residential pools and ground pools.

How Pool Filters Work

Pool sand filters operate by directing water through a sand bed where debris and finer particles are captured. This efficient filter system ensures clean, sparkling water, maintaining superior water clarity. Sand filter technology, used in conjunction with pool pumps, guarantees balanced water circulation for optimal filtration.

How Do I Maintain a Pool Sand Filter?

Maintaining a pool sand filter involves regular backwashing to clean the filter bed. This process reverses water flow, flushing out trapped dirt from the filter. Periodic backwashing, along with checking the pressure gauge, is vital for maintaining efficient water flow and filtration performance. For replacement parts and maintenance tools, explore our Sand Filter Spares.

Experience Superior Filtration with Our Advanced Sand/Media Pool Filters

Our advanced sand/media pool filters, like the Speck Badu and Waterco models, offer superior filtration performance. With a range of sizes and capacities, they are perfect for any pool, from small ground pools to large residential swimming pools.

Advanced Water Circulation for Optimal Filtration

Advanced water circulation is key for effective pool clean and maintenance. Our sand filters, paired with high-performance pool pumps, ensure balanced and efficient water flow. This results in superior filtration and a consistently clean pool.

Nature-Inspired Filtration Mechanism

Emulating nature's way of purifying water, our sand filters use natural materials like silica sand for filtration. This nature-inspired filtration mechanism provides sparkling water without the heavy reliance on pool chemicals. For those seeking additional filtration, explore our comprehensive range of Cartridge Filters and Pre-Filters.

Our sand filters are a testament to our commitment to quality and customer service. Perfect for pool owners who value clean, crystal-clear pool water and efficient cleaning capacities, our sand filters stand as an unrivaled choice. Visit Aquaneo's Sand Filter Collection today to find the ideal filter for your pool.


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