Pool Chlorinators on Sale

Definition of Pool Chlorinators

Pool chlorinators are essential devices for maintaining clean and safe water in swimming pools. They systematically release chlorine into the pool water, ensuring it remains free from harmful bacteria and algae. Chlorinators automate the chlorination process, providing consistent and efficient pool sanitation and reducing the need for manual handling of pool chemicals.

Types of Pool Chlorinators

Salt Chlorinator

Salt chlorinators, or saltwater pool chlorinators, use electrolysis to generate chlorine from pool salt. This process turns salt (sodium chloride) into chlorine, sanitizing the pool water. After sanitizing, the chlorine reverts back to salt, creating a self-sustaining cycle. This method is known for being gentle on the skin and eyes.

Automatic Pool Chlorinators

Automatic pool chlorinators are designed to deliver precise amounts of chlorine to the pool water. They can be inline, installed directly into the pool's plumbing system, or offline, connected via a bypass line. These units are highly efficient and reduce the need for manual chlorination.

Chlorine Pool Chlorinators

Chlorine pool chlorinators use liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets to sanitize the pool water. They are suitable for various pool types, including fiberglass pools, and come in different capacities for different pool sizes.

Major Brands of Pool Chlorinators

Astral Pool

Astral Pool, a leading brand in pool equipment, offers high-quality pool chlorinators known for their durability and efficiency. They are a popular choice among both pool professionals and homeowners.

Other Brands Available on the Market

Other reputable brands like Zodiac, Hayward, and Pentair provide a range of pool chlorinators for different needs, including options for residential and commercial pools.

Benefits of Using a Pool Chlorinator

First-Rate Pool Sanitation Option

Pool chlorinators maintain a healthy and clean swimming environment, ensuring the pool water is free from harmful microorganisms.

Desirable and Enjoyable Pool Experience

Chlorinators help maintain crystal-clear pool water, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the pool and leading to a more enjoyable swimming experience.

Healthier and Safer Swimming Environment

By maintaining balanced chlorine levels, chlorinators contribute to a healthier swimming environment, reducing skin and eye irritation risks.

Crystal-Clear, Sparkling Water in Pools

Regular and precise chlorination ensures that the pool water remains crystal clear and sparkling.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Larger Pools

For larger pools, automatic and salt chlorinators offer cost-effective solutions, reducing ongoing maintenance costs and the time spent on pool care.

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