Shop a variety of brushes and attachments for your pool from Aquaneo Pool Store. Keep your pool sparkling all season long when you use a pool brush to scrape grime and algae off of surfaces. Aquaneo stocks brushes from renowned manufacturers and deliver them Australia wide. Contact us if you need more details.

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Pool Brushes

What are Pool Brushes?

Pool brushes are vital tools for pool cleaning, designed to maintain the cleanliness of swimming pool walls, floors, and corners. They play a crucial role in scraping off algae, dirt, and debris, ensuring a clean and safe swimming environment.

Common Types of Pool Brushes

The Aquaneo Pool Store offers a variety of pool brushes, including models like the Habco Pool Broom, suitable for different pool surfaces such as vinyl-lined or fiberglass pools.

Product Details

Size and Shape

Pool brushes come in various sizes and shapes to suit different pool designs. The Habco Pool Broom 18, for example, offers broad coverage for efficient cleaning.

Materials Used

Constructed from durable materials, these brushes include options like the Nylon Pool Broom, designed to withstand regular use in a pool environment.

Handle Design

Many pool brushes feature telescopic poles, providing adjustable lengths for effective cleaning of different pool areas.


Bristles are crucial, ranging from soft nylon for gentle surfaces to robust metal for tougher cleaning tasks.

Price Range

These quality swimming pool tools are available at competitive prices, suitable for various budgets.

Product Features


These brushes are built for longevity, making them a practical investment for regular pool maintenance.

Ease of Use

Designed for user comfort, these brushes make pool cleaning efficient and less strenuous.

Effectiveness at Cleaning Walls, Floors, and Steps

Specifically engineered for cleaning different pool surfaces, these brushes ensure thorough removal of dirt and algae.

Flexibility for Corner Cleaning

Select models offer flexibility, ideal for cleaning corners and curved areas.

Ability to Reach Small Spaces

Compact designs enable these brushes to clean small and detailed areas effectively.

Nylon vs. Metal Bristles

Choose between nylon and metal bristles based on the pool surface and cleaning requirements.

For a comprehensive range of pool brushes and other related pool equipment, visit the Aquaneo Pool Brushes page. Explore additional pool accessories, such as vacuum heads and pool nets, to enhance your pool cleaning routine.

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