6 Pool Spare Parts That You Should Have

Suppose you have planned a pool party this weekend, but when you are just about to clean your pool, you realise that something is wrong with the cleaning equipment, and you need spare parts to get your pool ready again.

Won’t this spoil your children’s weekend? Here are 6 spare parts that you must keep as a backup so that you don’t go around and waste your time looking for them in stores or online at the last moment.

  1. Pool Cleaner Skirt Disc:  This Aussie Gold Skirt Disc and Foot Kit fits common pool suction cleaners like Zodiac G2, G3, G4 and much more. It is suitable for all pool surfaces, has a standard 36 fin disc and includes an Aussie wearing sole foot.
  2. Pool Hose: This Aussie Gold Vacuum Hose is manufactured from high quality blend of plastics to withstand the harsh Australian summer climate. It has a smooth interior to reduce friction resulting in superior vacuum performance, is 38mm long and comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Alternatively, a spare length or two of Automatic Pool Cleaner Hose
  3. Pool Skimmer Socks: Skimmer socks significantly reduce the amount of backwashing and cartridge filter cleaning needed. The pre-filter sock fits into your Skimmer basket and traps the debris that would usually head for your pump basket or worse filter.
  4. Pool Cleaner Diaphragms: You must keep a spare diaphragm  for your pool cleaner, in case your diaphragm betrays you at the last moment.
  5. Pressure Gauges: Is a common part to fail on your pool filter. And it’s an easy part to change, so make sure to keep a pressure gauge spare.
  6. Leaf Canister Replacement Bag and Ring: The net bag in your pool suction cleaner can wear off any time. Having a spare leaf canister replacement bag and ring will make sure your cleaning session doesn’t get interrupted when you suddenly realise that your net bag in your suction cleaner has worn off.

Always have these handy with you so that your pool plans don’t get delayed just because of a small fault. Get all the that you need for your pool’s cleaner at Aquaneo Pool Store. We ship all over Australia.


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