The pool maintenance routine that you should follow

Maintaining your pool weekly or monthly depends on how often your pool is being used. Here are a few pool maintenance tips that you should follow to make sure your water is clean and clear.

  1. Skim off debris: You should skim off leaves and debris from the surface of the pool water before they sink down to the bottom.
  2. Brush: Brush off the dirt that gets collected on the walls and the floor of your pool.
  3. Check filter: Use a clarifier in your pool after cleaning the filter to bind small particles together. This will give your filter a better chance of removing small particles and making the water sparkle.
  4. Vacuum:  Submerge your vacuum head and hose, before hooking up the vacuum to the filter. Fill the hose with water by placing the end over the water return point or inlet. This reduces the air in the pipe and stops your pump de-priming. 
  5. Water Circulation: Keep each item of your water circulation system clean. Make sure that the water is filtered by running the pump each day for 8 hours in summer. In winter when the water is colder you can reduce the running time down to 4 hours. If you are using a salt chlorinator, remember to check the chlorine levels and adjust the running time accordingly. Every pool has different characteristics so there is no hard rules on running times.  
  6. Shock:  A regular shock treatment cleanses the water of algae, bacteria, dirt, and any other organic matter that may have entered the pool. Shock treatment also removes combined chlorine. Combined chlorine can cause red eye etc. Regular shock treatment removes the combined chlorine and allows free chlorine to sanitise your water.
  7. During winters, in case your pool isn’t heated, you can reduce your pool filter running times as mentioned previously. You can also add a winterizing algaecide to help control algae when you are not servicing the pool so often, or even if you close the pool completely with a winter cover. Make sure you purchase a winter algaecide, they tend to be more a preventive measure than a cure and last longer during the winter months.   

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