How to have an awesome spa night

After a long day’s work, you deserve to treat yourself with the ultimate relaxing experience. Whether it is alone, with your partner, children, or best friends, a spa night can help you to shake off all your day’s stress,

and indulge in a blissful serenity. Here is a step by step guide that will help you prepare for your moment of leisure.

Before the spa

  1. Clear your mind: Spa calls for relaxation. Not just relaxation of the body, but relaxation of the mind. Before starting the preparation, get all your important tasks complete to clear your mind from any clutter that may interfere with your moment of peace.
  2. Gather spa supplies: Make a list of the things that you will need to enjoy your spa night. Here is a list of things that we suggest you must have:
  • Scented candles
  • Drink, snacks and chocolates
  • Towels and pyjamas, you will need them once you’re done
  • Playlist, choose calming music instead of party music, this will help you to relax and meditate
  1. Take a bath: This step is important especially if you are going to get into the tub with other people. Make sure you clean yourself very well to maintain hygiene of yourself and others. If there are other people like your partner, friends or children, tell them that they must have a bath before getting into the spa too.


The Fun Part!

Now is the time to get inside the . Adjust the temperature to your liking. If you are alone or have your girl gang together, put on your face mask and hair mask, put on some soft relaxing music, get into the tub, have a girly chit chat and start your relax session. If you are with your partner create a romantic aura by putting on some romantic music, turn off the lights and light up a good number of scented candles.When you get out of the tub do your manicure, pedicure, plucking, exfoliating etc.


Once the session is over, you will feel much fresh, relaxed and energetic. Get all your essentials, equipment and spare parts at Aqaueno Store. We ship all over .

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